​​​​O​​​cean​​ Towers​​​​

Post implosion salvage and cleanup on the 31 story Ocean Tower project on South Padre Island.​


Laredo ​Waterline Replacement​​

Replacement of water main and services on 80 city blocks in various locations through out the City of Laredo.

Fireman's Park Lakeliner

Installation of clay liner ​in a city lake that had sprung a leak.


South Padre Island Utility Extension​

Extension of water main, sewer forcemain, and reuse lines 5 miles north on highway 100 on South Padre Island​​

17th Street Canal Crossing​

Installation of stainless steel truss and sewer forcemain across a canal in Mercedes, TX.

​ ​​

Bay Bridge Mitigati​on

Excavation and grading for a mitigation project in Port Isabel, TX.