Laredo Waterline Replacement

​Surety takeover project​​

Location:  Laredo, TX

Client:  VCC, LLC and City of Laredo


This project was a surety take over job.  When the original contractor failed to perform it was in breach of contract on 6 separate jobs it had with the City of Laredo.  The surety, Liberty Mutual, along with the City of Laredo needed a reliable contrac​​tor to finish the jobs​ an​​d the​y chose Rovan, along with VCC.​

The logistics and coordination required to complete this project was huge. Major waterline tie in's which would inevitably interrupt service to customers required scheduling and constant co​mmunication with the Utilities department as well as the local residents and businesses. Weekly meetings were held to schedule upcoming tie in's as well as to discuss and plan for traffic control.

The portion of the project co​​​mpleted by Rovan included:

  • Approximately 35,000 LF of water main replacement

  • 610 Water service connections​

  • 48 Fire hydrants

  • 183 Water main tie in's

The VCC and Rovan team proved to be a success and the project was completed ahead of schedule.


 ​Overall layout of the 6 projects across the City of Laredo