Ocean Tower

Haul off and salvage operations 

Location:  South Padre Islan​d, TX​​

Client:  Controlled Demolition, Inc.​​​​


Ocean Tower was an unfinished 31 story luxury condominium project on South Padre Island. Construction came to a stand still when it was discovered that the building was settling beyond what was normal. The building became known as "the leaning tower of South Padre" and was ultimately demolished.

Developers for the project hired Controlled Demolition, Inc. out of Maryland, to perform the implosion. Controlled Demolition, Inc. subcontracted Rovan Texas to assist in preparations required for implosion as well as for the post implosion salvage and cleanup.

On December 13, 2009 the building was brought down, setting the record as the tallest concrete structure ever to be imploded, and Rovan's job to haul it off began.

Virtually all of the materials slated for use in the building were recycled. Everything from bathroom fixtures to tile was salvaged and over 3,000 truck loads of crushed concrete and reinforcing steel were hauled away from the site and recycled. All completed ahead of the 3 month post implosion schedule.